Currency: Pula (BWP)

Timezone: Central Africa Time (UTC+2)

Major Cities: Gaborone

Botswana is a landlocked sovereign state in Southern Africa, sharing its border with Zambia and Zimbabwe to the Northeast, South Africa to the south and southeast, and Namibia to the North and West. The climate is semi-arid, characterised by warm winters and hot summers. The terrain is dominated in the southwest by the Kalahari Desert and is home to different wildlife, including elephants, antelopes, and giraffes.

The population of the country is approximately 2.3 million, comprising a diverse ethnic group such as the Basarwa, the Tswana, and the Kalanga, and the country’s official languages are English and Tswana. The country is politically stable with a democratic parliamentary republican type of government which is administratively divided into 6 town councils and 10 districts, including Gaborone —the state capital. The mining sector is the most important sector of the economy, and the major source of foreign exchange comes from diamonds, copper, beef, and textiles. In 2017, the country was classified as an upper-middle-income country by the World Bank. The principal objective of the country’s National Development Plan is to become a high-income country by 2036. However, the country faces the problems of drought and the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

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Sectional Titles Act

Botswana, Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services

This is an Act to provide for the division of buildings into sections and common property for the acquisition of separate ownership of sections coupled with joint ownership of the common property; the control of...

Botswana   Land, Housing and Natural Resources

Radiation Protection Act

Botswana, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security

This Act shall apply to any person or body of persons whose undertaking involves or includes generally the use of atomic energy and nuclear technology. It establishes the Radiation Protection Inspectorate. The Act provides for...

Botswana   Science and Technology

National Development Plan 10

Botswana, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

The plan will run for 7 years. NDP places emphasis on creating a conducive environment for the private sector so that it plays a major role in driving economic development. More emphasis will be placed...

Botswana   National Development

Botswana - Vision 2016

Botswana, Ministry of Finance

This vision provides for achievable goal by the year 2016

Botswana   National Development

North East District Council (Public Sewer) Bye-Laws.

Botswana, Ministry of Lands, and Housing

The bye-laws provide for the power of council to keep map showing sewers, power of council to alter or close public sewer, the procedure for connecting to the public sewer, certain matters not to be...

Botswana   Democracy and Governance

Foot-and-Mouth Disease (Conveyance of Products) Order

Botswana, Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security

The order specifies the vegetable and animal products likely to convey or spread foot-and-mouth disease. The products include hay, manure, bedding, fodder, hides, skins, milk or cream, and bones.

Botswana   Health

Botswana Intended Nationally Determined Contribution

Botswana, Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security

Botswana seeks to achieve a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions by 15% before 2030. the reduction will be achieved through strategies and measures. The strategy involves the development of a long term low carbon...

Botswana   Energy

Pastoral Policy For School

Botswana, Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security

The policy seeks to give more attention to student needs within the country and to equip the youth with skills that promote accountability, responsibility and patriotism.

Botswana   Agriculture and Rural Development

Boat (Import, Registration and Movement) Regulations

Botswana, Ministry of Transport and Communications

The regulations guide the use of boats on Batswana waters. No boat may be operated on any surface water unless it has been registered as prescribed in these regulations. The procedures for boat registration and...

Botswana   Transportation

Transgender Rights in Botswana


This document highlights the transgender rights as allowed under the Constitution of Botswana.

Botswana Gender and Human Rights