Currency: Swazi Lilangeni

Timezone: UTC+2

Major Cities: Mbabane

Eswatini, also known as Swaziland, is a Southern African country sharing its borders with South Africa and Mozambique. The country has both a tropical and temperate climate and a terrain that is mostly mountains, hills, and sloping plains. The population of the country is approximately 1.2 million people and the major ethnic groups in the country are the Swazi, Zulu, Tsonga, and the Afrikaner. Swazi and English are the official languages of the country, spoken alongside major local languages.

The country operates a monarchial system of government that is administratively divided into 4 regions and Mbabane, the capital of the country. Agriculture is the country’s most important sector, employing 75 percent of the population. Furthermore, the country’s major source of foreign exchange earnings comes from the exports of sugar, essential oil, and chemical products. Major challenges confronting the country include limited access to potable water supply, political suppression, and the high level of inequality between the monarch and the citizens.

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Council of Mbabane, HIV/AIDS Policy in Workplace

Eswatini, Ministry of Labour

This policy identifies preventive strategies to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS in workplace by improving on areas of health education and communication; condom promotion and utilization; and the provision of personal protective clothing/equipment.

Eswatini - Labour