Currency: Cedi (GHS)

Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)

Major Cities: Accra

Ghana is a Western African country sharing borders with the Gulf of Guinea, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso. The country’s climate is tropical-warm and dry along the coast and hot and dry in the north-with a terrain that is largely low plains. 

With a population of approximately 30 million people, Ghana is the second-most populous country in West Africa after Nigeria. The major ethnic groups of the country include the Akan, Mole-Dagbon, Ewe, and Ga-Dangme, with the English language regarded as the official language of the country.Ghana operates a unitary and presidential system of government that is administratively divided into 16 regions, including Accra, the country’s capital.  The country’s economy is a market-based economy dominated by the agricultural sector which accounts for 20 percentof the country’s GDP and employs over 50 percent of the labor force. The country is also the second-largest producer of cocoa which is a major source of foreign exchange to the economy along with other commodities such as gold and petroleum. The major problems facing the country include public sector corruption and youth unemployment challenge.

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Manufacturing Sector_Investment Opportunities

Ghana, Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC)

A highlight of investment opportunities available for potential investors in the Manufacturing Sector of the economy.

Ghana 2018 Trade, Industry, and Investment

Education Strategic Plan (2018-2030)

Ghana, Ministry of Education

This installment of the ESP is based on three objectives: “improved equitable access to and participation in inclusive education at all levels, improved quality of teaching and learning and STEM at all levels, and sustainable...

Ghana 2018 Education

Education Sector Medium Term Development Plan (2018-2021)

Ghana, Ministry of Education

The Development Plan was conceived alongside the 2018-2030 Education Strategic Plan and the Education Sector Analysis. The plans charts the course of the education sector, as it propels Ghana towards its vision of becoming a...

Ghana 2018 Education

Policy on Antimicrobial Use and Resistance, 1st Edition

Ghana, Ministry of Health

The policy seeks to provide direction and guidance for all stakeholders who are affected by or use antimicrobial agents. The policy arises in response to the global drive to combat the threat of antimicrobial resistance....

Ghana 2017 Health

Appropriation Bill 2018

Ghana, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

The appropriation bill for the 2018 budget of the Government of Ghana

Ghana 2017 Budget and Appropriation

Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (Investment Policy Statement)

Ghana, Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund (GIIF)

This policy statement contains guidelines for the framework of operations and implementation of the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund. It is issued in pursuance of the object of the fund. The investment policy statement sets out...

Ghana 2017 Trade, Industry, and Investment

Sector Strategic Medium Term Development Plan_Draft (2018-2021)

Ghana, Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing

The development plan translates the policy objectives of the GSGDA II (2014-2017) into actionable plans for implementation. The development plan is conceived to coordinate and guide all activities and interventions of the Ministry of Water...

Ghana 2017 Utilities

Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017-2024)

Ghana, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

The Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies is in fulfilment of Article 36 (5) of the Constitution of Ghana – “…within two years after assuming office, the President shall present to Parliament a coordinated...

Ghana 2017 National Development

Timber Resource Management and Legality Licensing Regulations

Ghana, Ministry of Lands

The regulations contained therein aim to serve the folowing purposes: regulation of the terms and conditions for small and large scale timber rights, provision for a legality licensing scheme, regulation of identification of suitable lands,...

Ghana 2017 Forestry and Wildlife

Value Added Tax (Amendment) (No. 2) Act, 2017 (Act 954)

Ghana, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

An Act to amend the Value Added Tax Act, 2013 (Act 870) to remove the tax on stakes in the National Lotto, to provide for the withholding from the payment of Value Added Tax to...

Ghana 2017 Finance

National Medicines Policy

Ghana, Ministry of Health

This document is the third edition of the National Medicines Policy. The overall goal of the policy is to ensure universal, equitable and sustainable access to priority, efficacious and safe medicines and other health technologies...

Ghana 2017 Health

Ghana National Healthcare Quality Strategy (2017-2021)

Ghana, Ministry of Health

This strategy has an overall vision to create a health system that places clients at the centre of health care, and ensures continuously improved measurable health outcomes. It contains the strategy, coordination and accountability framework....

Ghana 2016 Health