Currency: Naira (NGN)

Timezone: West Africa Time (UTC+1)

Nigeria is situated in West Africa where it shares its land border in the west with the Republic of Benin, in the east with Chad and Cameroon, and in the north with Niger—popularly referred to as the “Giant of Africa” due to its resources and population. The country is the most populous in Africa, with a population estimated to be over 207 million. The country has a very diverse ethnic group with over 100 languages. However, the major languages spoken in the country are Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, with English regarded as the official language in the country. The climate of the country varies widely with equatorial south, tropical in the middle, and arid in the north, while the landscape consists of southern lowlands, plateaus, and hills in the north and mountains in the southeast.

The country adopts a federal presidential republic system of government comprising 36 states and Abuja the Federal Capital. The economy is heavily reliant on Petroleum and Petroleum Products as its main source of foreign exchange earnings and accounts for over 70 percent of government revenue. The challenges facing the country include erratic power supply, lack of infrastructure, terrorist insurgence, kidnapping, banditry, clashes between farmers and herders, pervasive corruption, internet fraud, and police brutality.

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Dangerous Drugs Act

Ministry of Health, Nigeria

This is an Act regulating the importation, exportation, manufacture, sale and use of opium and other dangerous drugs.

Nigeria 1935 Health

Gold Trading Act

Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Nigeria

This is an Act to regulate the traffic in gold.

Nigeria 1935 Mining

Anatomy Act, 1933

Ministry of Health, Nigeria

This is an Act specifying the regulations for schools of Anatomy in Nigeria including the powers of the Minister of health to grant licenses and penalties for contravening regulations in the Act.

Nigeria 1933 Health

Anatomy Act

Ministry of Health, Nigeria

This is an Act to regulate schools of anatomy. It consists of twelve sections with provisions in case of persons directing anatomical examination after their death; how bodies are to be removed for examination and...

Nigeria 1933 Health

Quarantine Act, 1926

Ministry of Health, Nigeria

This Act makes the necessary provisions to regulate the imposition of quarantine and to make other provisions for preventing the introduction or spread in/from Nigeria any dangerous infectious diseases.

Nigeria 1929 Health

Coins Act, 1928

Ministry of Finance, Nigeria

This Act prohibits the importation and exportation of coins into Nigeria regardless of whether they are legal tender within Nigeria or not. The Act also specify the penalty for breach of regulations and other connected...

Nigeria 1928 Finance

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act

Ministry of Transportation, Nigeria

This is an Act to make provisions concerning the carriage of goods by sea.

Nigeria 1926 Transportation

River Niger Transit Act, 1924

Ministry of Transport, Nigeria

This is an Act to allow for the passing of vessels and goods in transit between the sea and outside Nigeria both by river channels and by land.

Nigeria 1924 Transportation

Boy Scouts Act, 1922

Ministry of Defence, Nigeria

This is Act protecting the activities of the Boy Scouts Association in Nigeria including preventing impersonation and restitution on the use of the uniform of the Boy Scouts Association.

Nigeria 1922 Defence and Security

Prevention of Crimes Act, 1922

Ministry of Justice, Nigeria

This is an Act to ensure the effective prevention of crimes in Nigeria including police supervision, the penalty for harbouring thieves, powers of the President and other general regulations.

Nigeria 1922 Justice

Bills of Exchange Act

Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Nigeria

This is an Act to codify the law relating to bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes.

Nigeria 1917 Finance

Piers Act, 1917

Ministry of Transport, Nigeria

This is an Act to authorise the legal position of existing piers and control the erection of new piers in Nigeria including the powers of the Minister and other connected regulations.

Nigeria 1917 Transportation

Bills of Exchange Act, 1917

Ministry of Finance, Nigeria

This is an Act covering matters related to bills of exchange, cheques and promissory notes such as capacity and authority of parties, duties of the holders, liabilities of parties, discharge of bills, cheques on a...

Nigeria 1917 Finance

General Loan and Stock Act

Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Nigeria

This is an Act to declare the terms and conditions applicable to loans authorized to be raised by the government for the federal republic of Nigeria and to provide for the creation of stock.

Nigeria 1916 Finance

Merchandise Marks Act, 1916

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment, Nigeria

This Act is addresses matters relating to fraudulent marks on merchandise including offences on false trademarks and trade descriptions, selling of goods with false trademarks and descriptions, and other related matters on false representation of goods.

Nigeria 1916 Trade, Industry and Investment

Public Officers Protection Act, 1916

Ministry of Justice, Nigeria

This Act makes provisions for the protection against actions of persons acting in the execution of public duties in Nigeria.

Nigeria 1916 Justice

National Film and Video Censors Board Act

Ministry of Information and Culture, Nigeria

This is an Act to, among other things, establish the National Film Video Censors Board to regulate the censorship and public exhibition of films and video works and other related purposes.

Nigeria 1913 Entertainment

Minerals (Congested Areas) Declaration

Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Nigeria

This document contains the minerals (congested areas) declaration, minerals (delegation of powers) notice and minerals (mining royalties) regulations.

Nigeria   Mining

User Manual National Council on Health

Ministry of Health, National Council on Health, Nigeria

This manual introduces the National Council of Health and provides user functions and a navigational guide for activities that include: registration of delegates to attend NCH meetings, development and submission of memos, and tracking of...

Nigeria   Health

June 9, 2022

Political Parties, Presidential Candidates and the Electoral Act 2022 

The Electoral Act 2022 seeks to update and standardize Nigeria’s elections. The introduction of technological changes such as an electronic database of registered voters and an electronic transmission system of votes is a welcome improvement. Restricting political appointees' involvement in the election process is also a step in the right direction. However, there is a fundamental issue with the new act — its endorsement of the indirect primary process.

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