Currency: Zimbabwean dollar (ZWD)

Timezone: Central Africa Time (UTC+2)

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It is bordered by Botswana on the west, Zambia on the north, Mozambique on the east, and South Africa on the south. Zimbabwe was formerly known as Southern Rhodesia (1898), Rhodesia (1964), and Zimbabwe Rhodesia (1979).

On 18 April 1980, Britain formally granted independence to Zimbabwe at a ceremony in Harare, the country’s capital city. The country, which covers a land area of 386,850 square kilometres, has a population of 14.6 million people who are majorly Christians and related to the two major Bantu-speaking groups, the Shona and the Ndebele. Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL) is the official currency of the country. Although Zimbabwe has sixteen official languages, English is widely used in business and the usual language of instruction in school. The service is the main sector of the economy and contributes about 61.3% to the country’s GDP, while the agriculture sector accounts for approximately 66.19% of the total employment. The countries’ main Exports include gold, raw tobacco, ferroalloys, nickel ore, and diamonds.

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Zimbabwe’s National Climate Change Response Strategy

Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate, Zimbabwe

The National Climate Change Response Strategy provides a framework for a comprehensive and strategic approach on aspects of adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing, public education and awareness. It aims to inform the government on how to...

Zimbabwe Environment and Climate Change

Three Year Macro-Economic Policy and Budget Framework

Ministry of Finance, Zimbabwe

The Three Year Macro-Economic Policy and Budget Framework addresses the challenges and unfinished agenda of the Short Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP) and other sector-specific salient issues key for economic growth and development.

Zimbabwe Economy

Climate Smart Agriculture Investment Plan

Ministry of Agriculture, Zimbabwe

This Plan aligns with the goals and objectives of the National Agricultural Policy Framework (NAPF) (GoZ 2018b), Vision 2030 (GoZ 2018c) and the Transitional Stabilization Programme (TSP) (GoZ 2018d). It takes account of the ongoing...

Zimbabwe Agriculture and Rural Development