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National Action Plan for Gender Equality (NAP-GE) (2006-2010)

Ethiopia, Ministry of Women Affairs

Gender equality is intertwined in every fabric of a country’s economy. It surfaces at every effort geared towards economic development. The plan notes that activities charged at sustainable development will have setbacks without addressing gender equality issues. The NAP-GE works towards being the tool for the promotion of gender-equitable development. It works towards attaining both national and international gender equality targets, as enshrined in the MDGs and the Ethiopian constitution.

Ethiopia 2006 Gender and Human Rights

Ethiopian Women's Development Fund Establishment Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Council of Ministers, Ethiopia

The proclamation provides the necessary support to facilitate the organization of women with low living standards in income-generating endeavours, to alleviate their general living conditions. The proclamation thus establishes the Ethiopian Women’s Development Fund as a federal government body having its legal personality. The Fund shall be accountable to the Prime Minister. It highlights the various objectives of the fund, the powers and duties, structure, and central organs, among others.

Ethiopia 2001 Gender and Human Rights

Marriage Act, 2000


This is Act specifying the provisions for the solemnization and registration of marriages including registration of customary, Muslim, Hindu and other religious marriages and for other related matters.

Botswana 2000 Gender and Human Rights

Transgender Rights in Botswana


This document highlights the transgender rights as allowed under the Constitution of Botswana.

Botswana Gender and Human Rights

Abolition of Marital Power ACT, 2005


This is an Act specifying the provisions for the abolition of marital power, to amend the property law of marriages, to provide for the domicile of married women, to provide for the domicile and guardianship of minor children and for all other related matters.

Botswana 2005 Gender and Human Rights

Domestic Violence Act, 2008


This is an Act specifying the necessary provisions to protect survivors of domestic violence and for all other incidental matters.

Botswana 2008 Gender and Human Rights