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Public Health Act

Botswana, Ministry of Health and Wellness

This is an Act consolidating all the laws relating to public health. It established the National Health Council with its power, duties, tenure and constitution of the council

Botswana 2014 Health

Public Health Regulations

Botswana, Ministry of Health and Wellness

These regulations make provisions guiding the general health like pollution of water, keeping of livestock’s, trading premises, food premises, grain mills, bakeries, business and butcheries among others

Botswana 1983 Health

Waste Management Act

Botswana, Ministry of Health and Wellness

This is an Act to provide for the establishment of the Department of Sanitation and Waste Management; to make provision for the planning, facilitation and implementation of advanced systems for regulating the management of controlled waste to prevent harm to human, animal and plant life; to minimise pollution of the environment, to conserve natural resources; to cause the provisions of the Basel Convention to apply in regulating the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes and their disposal; and for
matters incidental to

Botswana 1998 Health

Marketing Of Foods For Infants And Young Children Regulations

Botswana, Ministry of Health

These Regulations apply to the marketing, and practices related thereto, of foods for infants and young children and other designated products, when imported into, marketed, distributed, sold or manufactured in Botswana.

Botswana 2005 Health

Sleeping Sickness Act

Botswana, Ministry of Health and Wellness

This Act makes provision for the sleeping sickness area, the restricted areas and those exempted, preventive measures in place and the administrative order for the prevention of the sickness.

Botswana   Health

Law 8/04 of 1 November 2004 on HIV and AIDS - Lei nº 8/04 sobre o Vírus da Imunodeficiência Humana (VIH) e a Síndroma de Imunodeficiência Adquirida (SIDA), unofficial English translation

Angola, Ministry of Health

This Act aims at guaranteeing the protection and promotion of the fundamental health of the people through the adoption of necessary measures for the prevention, control, treatment and investigation of HIV/AIDS; and establishing the rights and duties of persons infected with HIV or AIDS patients, health personnel and others in state of risk or contamination, as well as the general population.

Angola 2004 Health