Currency: Birr (ETB)

Timezone: East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Major Cities: Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in East Africa surrounded by six (6) countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somali, Sudan, and South Sudan. The climate of Ethiopia is a tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation and terrain of high plateau with central mountain range divided by the Great Rift Valley. With a population of approximately 113 million people, Ethiopia is the second-most populous country in Africa and the most populous country in Eastern Africa. The official languages of the country are Oromo and Amharic which are the languages of the country’s largest ethnic groups.

Politically, Ethiopia is also the oldest independent country on the continent, void of any form of colonial ties, and operates a federal parliamentary republic system of government which is administratively divided into 9 ethnically based regions including Addis Ababa the capital of the country. Ethiopia operates a planned economy that is heavily reliant on the agricultural sector and the service sector.

While the agricultural sector employs 70 percent of the population, the service sector is the major contributor to the country’s GDP. Furthermore, the service sector is the main source of the country’s foreign exchange particularly from state-owned Ethiopian Airlines. Other major sources of foreign exchange include coffee, gold, sesame, and livestock. The major problem facing the country is the political tension between the Tigray region and the prime minister.

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Lowland Livelihood Resilience Project-Resettlement Policy Framework

Ethiopia, Ministry of Peace

The Lowland Livelihood Resilience Project aims to manage, improve, and diversify rangelands while improving the general livelihood of the population. This resettlement framework pushes to mitigate potential social and environmental impacts of the project, in...

Ethiopia 2019 Agriculture and Rural Development

Raw Hides and Skins Marketing (amendment) Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ethiopia

This amendment deems it necessary to alter the existing raw hides and skins marketing proclamation of 2013. It seeks to solve the problems associated with quality and collection by the inclusion of skin collectors among...

Ethiopia 2018 Trade, Industry and Investment

Postharvest Management Strategy in Grains in Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

In line with its aim of attaining food security, this document highlights the management strategies explored to combat postharvest losses in Ethiopia. It is geared towards improving efficiency at all levels of the agricultural value...

Ethiopia 2018 Agriculture and Rural Development

Forest Development, Conservation, and Utilization Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Ethiopia

The proclamation applies nationwide. It contains detailed information on rights and incentives of private, and community forest developers, obligations, rights of association, as well as a clear distinction about the classifications of state forest. It...

Ethiopia 2018 Forestry and Wildlife

Public-Private Partnership Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Ministry of Finance, Ethiopia

A proclamation to provide for the public-private partnership. It focuses on ensuring the availability of legal frameworks to back efficient exploration of the partnership per the relevant article(s) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia 2018 Finance

“Ethiopian Geospatial Information Agency Re-establishment Proclamation

Council of Ministers/National Planning Commission, Ethiopia

This proclamation applies to all Geospatial information, except Geospatial information related to military and National security. The government of Ethiopia recognises the importance of geospatial information in driving the sustainable development of the country. The...

Ethiopia 2018 Science and Technology

Industrial Chemical Registration and Administration Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Science and Technology, Ethiopia

The proclamation defines industrial chemicals as chemicals used for industrial, educational and training, research and transfer purposes. It excludes pharmaceuticals and medicals, food and food additives, agricultural, chemical weapons and radioactive chemicals. This Proclamation applies...

Ethiopia 2018 Science and Technology

National REDD+ Strategy (2016-2030)

Environment Forest and Climate Change, Ethiopia

The National REDD+ Strategy is primarily developed to complement climate-resilient green economy efforts, particularly in the forestry and wildlife sector. The primary goal is to reduce deforestation, and forest degradation, while promoting afforestation, reforestation, and...

Ethiopia 2018 Environment and Climate Change

Ethiopian Education Development Roadmap (2018-2030)

Education, Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia is on a concerted effort to place the country on the firm path towards attaining its vision of becoming a middle-income country by the year 2030. The education sector has been...

Ethiopia 2018 Education

The Agreement on the Employment of Domestic Workers between the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ratification Proclamation No. 1092/2018

Ethiopia, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

This proclamation ratifies the agreement of the employment of domestic workers between the Government of the federal democratic republic of Ethiopia and the government of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signed on the 25th day...

Ethiopia 2018 Labour

Energy Proclamation (Amendment)

Council of Ministers/Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Ethiopia

This amended proclamation attests to the strategic position of energy in achieving the socio-economic goals of the country. It addresses the need to revise the existing proclamation. It, therefore, amends the Energy Proclamation numbered 810.

Ethiopia 2018 Energy

Public Private Partnership Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia currently prioritizes effective private sector participation. It seeks to leverage efficient public-private partnerships to drive the country’s developmental goals. This proclamation, therefore, envisions the future of public-private partnerships in the country.

Ethiopia 2018 Finance

Public Debt Management and Guarantee Issuance Directive

Ethiopia, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

Financial directive 46, issued in 2017 by the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation. The directive addresses the effective management of public debt in Ethiopia. This is under the Financial Administration proclamation No. 648 of...

Ethiopia 2017 Finance

Ethiopia's Climate-Resilient green Economy (National Adaptation Plan)

Ethiopia, Ministry of Environement, Forest and Climate Change

This adaptation plan seeks to build on the green economy strategy and the GTP II frameworks. It focuses on developing a resilient and sustainable green economy by prioritising selected vulnerable sectors of the economy.

Ethiopia 2017 Energy

Public-Private Partnership Policy

Ethiopia, Ministry of Finance

This policy highlights the key facilitators of an effective public-private partnership. This ranges from proclamations and regulations to effective institutional bodies, with the ultimate aim of meeting the demands of the people and driving the...

Ethiopia 2017 Finance

Rural Job Opportunity Creation Strategy

Ethiopia, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources

This policy aims to complement and build on the already existing policies of the government geared at job creation. It has an overriding objective of mobilizing the rural population and creating decent job opportunities across...

Ethiopia 2017 Agriculture and Rural Development

Industrial Parks Regulation

Ethiopia, Ministry of Trade and Industry

These are sets of regulations aimed at guiding the establishment, and management of industrial parks as well as related policy matters.

Ethiopia 2017 Trade, Industry and Investment