Currency: Birr (ETB)

Timezone: East Africa Time (UTC+3)

Major Cities: Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in East Africa surrounded by six (6) countries: Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, Somali, Sudan, and South Sudan. The climate of Ethiopia is a tropical monsoon with wide topographic-induced variation and terrain of high plateau with central mountain range divided by the Great Rift Valley. With a population of approximately 113 million people, Ethiopia is the second-most populous country in Africa and the most populous country in Eastern Africa. The official languages of the country are Oromo and Amharic which are the languages of the country’s largest ethnic groups.

Politically, Ethiopia is also the oldest independent country on the continent, void of any form of colonial ties, and operates a federal parliamentary republic system of government which is administratively divided into 9 ethnically based regions including Addis Ababa the capital of the country. Ethiopia operates a planned economy that is heavily reliant on the agricultural sector and the service sector.

While the agricultural sector employs 70 percent of the population, the service sector is the major contributor to the country’s GDP. Furthermore, the service sector is the main source of the country’s foreign exchange particularly from state-owned Ethiopian Airlines. Other major sources of foreign exchange include coffee, gold, sesame, and livestock. The major problem facing the country is the political tension between the Tigray region and the prime minister.

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Cooperative Societies Proclamation

Council of Ministers/trade and industry, Ethiopia

The proclamation applies to cooperative societies established in the country. It has several objectives, ranging from collective solving of members’ social and economic problems to promotion of self-reliance and saving culture, and to providing loans...

Ethiopia 2016 Trade, Industry and Investment

Seed System Development Strategy

Agriculture, Ethiopia

The strategy recognises that along with other effective agronomic activities, farm management strategies, and national policies and interventions, the seed sector is capable of immensely contributing to increased crop production. The strategy seeks to make...

Ethiopia 2016 Agriculture and Rural Development

Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture Strategy

Agriculture and Natural Resources/ Livestock and Fisheries, Ethiopia

The strategy is designed to be a 5-year strategic plan. It pushes to bridge the gap of the current insensitive nature of the country’s agricultural sector, and its impact on the nutritional status of the...

Ethiopia 2016 Agriculture and Rural Development

National Nutrition Program (2016-2020)

Ethiopia, Health

The second national nutrition program (NNP II) represents a multisectoral implementation approach charged at ending hunger by 2030. It contains several interventions prioritised for attaining its vision: optimal breastfeeding; optimal complementary feeding; mitigation and prevention...

Ethiopia 2016 Health

United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Ethiopia (2016-2020)

Ethiopia, Finance and Economic Development

The framework highlights the tremendous achievements attained by the government of Ethiopia over the last decade, in areas of poverty reduction, access to education, healthcare, and other social services. It however points to challenges that...

Ethiopia 2016 National Development

Federal Income Tax Proclamation

Council of Ministers/Finance and Economic Development, Ethiopia

The Proclamation applies to residents of Ethiopia concerning their worldwide income, and non-residents concerning their Ethiopian source income. The proclamation recognises 3 categories of taxpayers; category A taxpayers are bodies or individuals having an annual...

Ethiopia 2016 Finance

Health Sector Transformation In Quality (HSTQ)

Ethiopia, Ministry of Health

The vision to ensure citizens of Ethiopia have equitable access to affordable, safe, and quality healthcare services is one of the most important goals enshrined in the 5-year health sector transformation plan (HSTP) of the...

Ethiopia 2016 Health